RV trailer storage is a must to ensure that your vehicle is protected even when not in use. Choosing a storage solution that is accessible and has an affordable RV storage cost can be challenging, so here are the safe spots to store RV that can help you in your decision.

Home Storage Solutions

How much does it cost to store an RV? Well, it can be for free.

Driveway and Backyard

Your driveway and backyard are readily available for your camper storage as you purchase land and build a house, and they can be large enough to have a space for your RV. Why look for other safe spots to store RV when at your home you no longer need to wait, pick up, or drop off your RV? You just need to be mindful of homeowners’ association (HOA) restrictions, as you might have your RV towed and you might be even fined.

Camper Storage
Camper Storage

However, outdoor camper storage will make your vehicle vulnerable to damage caused by weather changes. To make things worse, your RV is easily exposed to possible theft or vandalism if left in your backyard or driveway.

If you own other vehicles, space will also get limited. If you’d like to widen your driveway, you can create more space for other vehicles but the cost to store RV for a 12×25 driveway runs from $900 to $3000.

Meanwhile, a garage works well for class B and C motorhomes and storage is free just like in your driveway. Since you keep your RV in your garage, exposure to theft or vandalism is reduced and environmental damage won’t be an issue because of the enclosed space. The only problem is having other vehicles since you’ll surely need more space to house two vehicles.

RV Garage

An RV garage specifically built for RVs is a typical choice for most RV owners because of its customized convenience. Your RV is secured inside and is also protected from outdoor elements, so cleaning as you’ll do for a home gym is done less often.

If the home you bought or you’re planning to buy has an RV garage, you won’t have to worry about building one. If your home doesn’t have one, then building an RV garage will be costly, may it be a new one or an upgrade of your existing garage.

You can use a carport for storing an RV in replacement of an RV garage if you are unable to afford it. A carport is usually a lower cost for installation compared to an RV garage.

Self-Storage Facilities

If you’d like to make things convenient without making a lot of adjustments at home, then an RV storage rental will work wonders for you. Consider it like an insurance that covers water damage.

Outdoor Storage Rental

An outdoor RV storage is like a foreclosed house in terms of being the cheapest out of all available RV storage prices when considering the cost to store RV. Space is not a problem and any size of RV can be easily stored in a secured area with an effective surveillance system.

RV Trailer Storage
RV Trailer Storage

Despite this convenience, your vehicle is exposed outdoors just like when storing your RV in your backyard or driveway. This is why some RV owners prefer a covered RV storage rental where the security features are the same but with an added layer of protection for your RV. Some elements such as humidity, extreme heat and cold, and strong winds are still unstoppable by a roof.

Indoor Storage Rental

Outdoor storage will always bring problems, and this is where an indoor or inside RV storage comes in. This is the more expensive in terms of RV storage prices but it provides the best protection for your RV. Outdoor and indoor security features are ensured, as evident in the unit lock assigned to each enclosed parking space. You also won’t have to worry about any damage caused by the weather.

The only downsides to inside RV storage are the expensive RV storage cost and the limited availability of space that can accommodate your trailer or motorhome.

Looking for safe spots to store RV is like hiring a good employee. The process is tricky but the options will help you decide as you wonder how much does it cost to store an RV. At the end of the day, we all have different perceptions of safety. Consider your option for RV trailer storage by looking not just at the safety but also at the cost and convenience.