A gym at home is a great place to maintain an active lifestyle at your own convenience. You ensure your privacy anytime without going outdoors and paying any membership fees. It’s the cleaning part that’s scary. So it’s time for you to learn how to clean a home gym as part of a home gym organization.

Wiping Gym Equipment

Dust is the main concern when learning how to clean a home gym, as you get prone to inhaling pollutants as you work out. You may use the standard gym cleaning supplies such as a microfiber cloth for wiping and an all-purpose cleaner or a home cleaning solution made of baking soda, vinegar, tea tree oil, and water for spraying. When wiping down gym equipment parts such as handles and rails from top to bottom, be mindful of electronic parts. Wipe all surfaces including fans and shelves, and even lighting.

How to Get Rid of Exercise Equipment

Gym equipment used for weight lifting is prone to grime. To clean free weights, use warm soapy water for wiping before drying them using another piece of microfiber cloth. As you learn how to clean gym equipment, inspect the hardware of your equipment for any cables and screws that need to be replaced or tightened, and check for bed bugs.

Cleaning Floors and Carpets

Before cleaning the floor, you may first need to move your gym equipment to clear space. Learning how to clean gym equipment doesn’t just involve wiping. Sweeping or vacuuming prior to mopping works for hardwood or tiled flooring. Using a hard-bristled brush before vacuuming will be good for rubberized flooring. The last step is to mop the surface damp, and this also works for epoxy flooring.

You may wonder how to remove rust from weights especially when some old weights leave rust and stains on the carpeting. Steam cleaning your carpet twice a year can help with preventing any future stains in your carpet. If gym items are already old and rusty, learn how to get rid of exercise equipment and how to remove rust from weights.

Other Cleaning Methods

A glass cleaner or a water solution with vinegar works great for mirrors. Remove dust and fingerprints by spraying the solution, using gym cleaning supplies such as a squeegee to remove it, and wiping the edges using a microfiber cloth or newspaper. Yoga mats not suited for machine wash only need to be scrubbed using a small amount of water and soap.

It’s not only the gym equipment that should be cleaned; you also need to replace towels every now and then by stocking unused ones in your gym shelves. After every use, wipe the gym equipment. You can also spray an air freshener in the gym room as you leave.

Home Gym Organization

By now you may already have tried housekeeping tasks such as remodeling your bathroom and doing pest control. So it’s time to add how to clean a home gym! This way, you can keep on working out while maintaining home gym organization and cleanliness. While you’re at it, you may try a hand at other things such as renovating your home.