What are the benefits of epoxy floors? Is epoxy floor durable? While deciding on the floor, you might prefer a quality and durable material. In addition to durability, you will want an aesthetically appealing look, especially for your business to grab the attention of your customers. Epoxy flooring combines both. 

Is Epoxy Floor Durable

Epoxy can be the best flooring option for both your business and home. In this article, you will know more about epoxy flooring that will include benefits, durability, and scratch-resistant ability. After going through each detail, you can decide. 

Is Epoxy Scratch Resistant? 

While choosing a flooring option, you will first want to know if it is resistant to scratches or not. Epoxy tops the list when it comes to scratch-resistant ability. It lasts longer than other flooring options. The composition of the epoxy coating makes it scratch resistant. The epoxy contains many layers of resins or hardeners that need to be an equal depth of two millimeters. This hardy material makes your floor resistant to break, crack, and scratch. Keep in mind you’ll want to occasionally buff your flooring to keep it smooth.

Is Epoxy Durable?

Is Epoxy Floor Durable
Is Epoxy Floor Durable

Epoxy is considered as one of the most durable flooring options. Epoxy can be ideal even if heavy equipment is used. So, you can consider it for your garage or any other place where you expect heavy traffic. Epoxy can last longer even in adverse conditions. It can resist scratches and normal wear and tears that you might encounter when heavy equipment and automobiles are frequently parked. Keep in mind there are different types of epoxy floors to choose from.

The epoxy floor is popular for its strength. This flooring option has more than 10,000psi flexural strength. That makes it super durable as well as strong. If you want to make it even stronger, you can consider adding a topical coating. You will be amazed at the results. Another benefit is that epoxy is easy to replace. 

What are the Other Benefits? 

Epoxy flooring comes with numerous benefits. From the above, you might have realized that it is durable and resistant to scratch and can be the best option for heavy traffic areas. Also, this flooring option is safe and environmentally friendly. More importantly, you do not need to spend much on maintenance, as cleaning and maintaining epoxy floors is simple.  You can simply use water to clean and make your epoxy floors shine. For major spills, add bit ammonia in water. You are done. 

Price is an added benefit. You will not have to spend more on the epoxy flooring compared to other flooring options. In addition, epoxy will last for a long with easy maintenance. Once installed, it will last five to ten years, even more, depending on the maintenance. 

When Should You Choose Epoxy?

Epoxy can be the perfect choice if you are looking for scratch-resistant and durable flooring. This material will serve your interest best. It is the strongest material and can be ideal in adverse conditions. 

Final Words

Is epoxy floor durable? The answer is certainly yes. Epoxy coating is durable than many other flooring options. You will not have to spend more on epoxy and can use it more than a decade with proper maintenance.  All the overall advantages of epoxy makes it one of the best flooring options.