As with most problems in life, effective solutions come from creativity. Selling a property is no different. If only you’d apply some of the creative ways to sell a house fast, you’ll see the magic of ingenuity.

Creative Ways to Sell a House Fast

We understand planning to sell a house isn’t easy—ask anyone who’s ever sold a house before. No matter how hot the market is, creativity and some genius can

Creative Ways to Sell a House Fast
Creative Ways to Sell a House Fast

make your listing stand out. 

If you want to get your house ready to sell in 30 days, you must follow the tips below. So, get your home the attention it needs to get buyers-interest by using creative ways to market a listing. You can absolutely: 

  • Put your house on auction 
  • Use a touch of faith in the divine (some homeowners bury medals/statues of St. Joseph in the soil as the patron saint of household & family needs bring  “luck” this way),
  • Get savvy with social media promotions, and
  • Use children to play hide-and-seek in every room of the house and post the video as an ad.

Be as creative as you can to get that much-coveted buyers-interest and attention to your house listing. 

Here are 5 ways to sell your house fast using creative ways to market a listing:

#1 Let buyers sleep in it for the weekend. It’s like a test-drive where you let serious buyers get a feel of how it is living in your home. Airbnb’s website has a page for “responsible hosting” where you can get ideas on letting strangers stay in your home without running into issues. You can notify your realtor and perhaps they can help facilitate this.

#2 Use Facebook shares and put a bounty on the successful share. Put your property listing on Facebook and let your friends/connections there know you’re offering a reward for the share that result in the purchase of your house. This is similar to a finder’s fee.

#3 Help your buyer with financing. If you have a serious buyer but is on the fence about the payment or closing costs, here’s how to sell a house fast:  offer deals such as lease-to-own or rent-to-own. You can arrange to rent your home for an agreed amount of time (say 1-3 years) with the option to buy once the lease expires. If not, you can ease the buyer’s burden by offering to pay for one of these: inspection fees, title search/title insurance fees, homeowner’s insurance, or home warranties.

#4 Host an open house party. This is how to get a house ready to sell quickly. A themed party will especially draw buyer’s attention when you dress in period costumes, offer tea (or cocktail) in your garden, OR have live music, catered food, and prizes. This will make a buzz on your home and make your house memorable.

#5 Throw in an extravagant freebie for buyers’ incentives. This is one of the best tips for selling your home

Creative Ways to Sell a House Fast
Creative Ways to Sell a House Fast

fast. Some homeowners may have more than one car and would post a sign on the lawn that says, “Car comes with the house.” If you don’t have that luxury, try other items/valuables/furniture you have that could sweeten your offer. 

Why isn’t my house getting any showings?

Let’s get to the nitty gritty answer to this. In most cases, it’s because your house has a very expensive price tag that the lack of buyers-interest isn’t simply because of your home. It’s largely due to your pricing compared to similar properties within the same market. Therefore, it is important to get your house ready

What is the best time to sell a house?

The first 2 weeks of the month of May is when you find house-selling hitting its peak that property owners expect to close a deal 18.5 days faster than other times of the year. They also gain 5.9% more money. April or June, however, is better than May for others. There are cons and pros to spring home-selling.

There are many things to do when you sell your house. It’s easy to get impatient and frustrated when conventional tips for selling your home don’t get you the results (or attention) you want for your listing. In that case, try creative ways to sell a house fast. There are more than five ways to sell your house fast, but applying the best 5 we just shared should already give you headway in selling your property: allow serious buyers to sleep a night, use Facebook where you award the successful share, help buyer with financing, host a themed house party, and offer a freebie for the buyer.