Things to do When You Sell Your House – FYI

Not sure how to prepare your house for selling? Fortunately, this can be done in some simple steps that only take you a few days. With a bit of planning and time, you can increase the value of your property and raise the chance of getting a better offer from the market. From painting and cleaning to depersonalizing and repairing, here are some things to do when you sell your house.

Things to do When You Sell Your House 

  1. Complete projects

If you have some ongoing tasks which seem never to be completed. Now it is the best time to complete them. From setting up the ceiling fan you purchased last year to finish decorating your guest room, make sure to get them done before putting your house on the market. Otherwise, it would make potential buyers think that your house is under construction and reduce the price.

  1. Make repairs

The next thing to do is fixing all the nagging things which you have been living with over the past few years. In your living space, look for things like broken windows, missing tiles, stained ceilings, or scratched floors. Outside the house, pay attention to missing shingles, tuckpointing, or patio pavers. Make a list of possible repairs and resolve all of them. An agent would help you determine what should be done or not.

Things to do When You Sell Your House

  1. Establish a curb appeal

It is very important to create a good first impression for potential buyers. To make them want to have a look inside your living space, the outside should be inviting, tidy, and well-kept. In other words, it must have curb appeal.  Thus, make sure to trim all plants carefully and touch-up everything in your garden. Maintain shrubs and flowers, edge along paths and sidewalks, keep the backyard tidy, and cut the grass. These tasks will increase your chance of selling the house.

  1. Remove clutter

It is essential that your house should look livable. Every buyer doesn’t want to see clutter in a living space as these signs indicate that the owner doesn’t care much about the property. Thus, make sure to clear everything before showing the house to other people. Declutter gradually in each room and dive in. Shred or recycle paper, Donate clothing, toys, or books. If you don’t know what to do with some items, just put them in a box for later use. 

  1. Depersonalize your house

When selling your house, you need to ensure it has a great balance between creating a welcoming, warm space and depersonalization. This means that you should put away most of the personal items such as awards, equipment, toys, magazines, photo albums, bulletin boards, framed photos. By doing this, you would make space look more professional and neutral to potential buyers. Just leave some nice photos in frames around the space to make it look inviting and attractive.

The bottom line

So you have spruced up and prepared your house. Now it’s time to find a reliable agent and put it on the selling market. With some simple tasks mentioned above, you would boost the value of your property and increase the chance of selling. Keep in mind that everyone wants a good-looking house, so make sure to create a favorable and beautiful space. Overall, follow the things to do when you sell your house above in order to successfully close.