What to do if Your House Starts Flooding – Keep Your Items Dry

If you have been wondering what to do If your house starts flooding, then do it no more. This article will equip you with very important tips on what to you in this situation.
Follow the following steps if you get trapped in your house and the levels of water are rising.

What to do if Your House Starts Flooding

1. First of all, safeguard your health by wearing protective gears such as rubber boots or waders and rubber gloves before wading through water and picking waterlogged objects. Do not walk barefoot in your house.steps-to-take-if-house-starts-flooding
2. Take your car off the street and take it to the garage if possible. Remove flammables and gasoline cans from the garage or place them high on the garage rafters.
3. pick your prioritized list of items which need to be moved higher onto counter-top or tabletop. These items may include computers, photos and documents.
4. If you anticipate water rising above the sockets, then unplug all the electric cords from them.
5. Switch off the electricity at the breaker if you think that water will rise above the sockets. This helps in the prevention of electric shocks.
6. Transfer the lower drawers from dressers and place them higher.
7. Move to your attic while the water is low and look for an exit at the roof if necessary. This is if your home is one-story. Take any essential tools that you will need to make an attic opening to the roof.
8. Keep all your exterior doors shut. Normally, water gets in through ground saturation and not through doorways, unless you live near a creek or river. So, there is a high likelihood that it will get in from anywhere at once. Keeping doors shut, therefore, will help keep out insects and animals which are looking for areas to land.
9. Always, it is very important to keep your communication devices on like the battery operated communication gadgets. this will help you to get updated on weather conditions and evacuation boats that may be nearby your area. This ensures that you get assistance within the shortest time possible.
10. For health reasons, do not drink tap water. Solid Rock Structures says to wait until you have assurance that the water system did not get contaminated. this helps in the prevention of water born and water-related diseases.
11. Your toilet won’t flush if your house if flooding hence get a temporary chamber pot designated. Camping toilet will be of good use, therefore, have it on hand.
12. Document the damage before removing the water for your insurance firm. Capture the water damage extent and all the properties affected by the floods. The digital photos serve best here simply because you can upload and quickly send them directly to your agent for assessment. Talk to your insurance company as soon as possible and follow their directions towards assessment and consequently compensation.

Now you know what to do if your house starts flooding. This guide will be of much help to you when your starts flooding. Follow the above tips and I promise that you will get the best results.