Things to Consider before Building a House – What You Need to Know

Building your customized home is no easy feat. And as much as it gives you leeway to get your tastes and needs down to a T, most people aren’t exactly building experts, so most likely have zero building experience. If you fall into this category, here are a few things you’ll want to know, to include, before you get started.

Things to Consider Before Building a House

In The Kitchen 
– An Outlet just above the cabinet for easy access while decorating
– A motion sensor for the pantry light
– Easy to access outlets for charging devices
– Have a setup that’s compatible with both electric and gas appliances
– Have a customized drawer for storing knives
– A place to keep aprons and hand towels
– Pullout shelves for recycling bin/waste disposable

– Shelves with outlets that allow you plug in appliances while in the pantry

Organization And Closet 
– Make sure there are outlets inside several closets
– Ensure the pantry and laundry rooms come with full sized broom closets so that cleaning items have spots in different sections of the house
– Add extra closet space than you think you will need
– Place a light motion sensor in the closet
– Ensure your closet space can accommodate both single and double hung rods so that really long clothes will be able to fit
– Make sure you have a hose outlet on each side of your house
– Ensure hot water runs through at least one hose outlet so you can wash your pets
– Have motion sensor for certain exterior lights, like the front porch
– Use a keypad for certain doors, e.g garage and front doors

– Run a line that connects the gas line to your grill

Holiday Decorations 
– Place outlets in strategic locations, stairs, under cabinets, porch, e.t.c and a central switch inside to turn off/on

– A closet space solely for holiday decorations instead of lumping everything up in the attic

Plumbing & Electrical Wiring 

what to consider when building a house

– Get pre-wiring done for security, music and speakers, emergency generator, and if possible, solar
– Have a drainage in the garage for rain, snow and cash wash sessions
– Place outlets with higher voltage to accommodate high powered tools, machinery, or even an electric scooter or car

– Let a couple of 20z circuits be at your waist level to allow outlets for machinery

– Place outlets in vanity cabinets for electric razors, hair dryers, e.t.c
Epoxy Strong advises in order to prevent leaks from being unnoticed, don’t caulk the toilet to the bathroom tile
– If you’re bothered by cold towels, consider getting a heated rack for your towels

– In the master bathroom, if you have a closet, don’t forget to add an outlet for light

Master Bedroom 
– Strategically place at least 4 outlets close to the bed
– Have a switch to turn off the bedroom light placed within easy reach while you’re on the bed

– Also have a switch in the bedroom that can turn on/off the outdoor security lights

– Get receptacles for your emergency fire extinguishers
– If you’ll have a studio or cinema, plan for sound proofing
– Have extra support on the window frames for curtains
This isn’t an exhaustive list of the things to consider before building a house, but it’s a great place to start. Be sure to consider what you will use every room for so you can plan accordingly when building.

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