Spraying Water on your AC Condenser

Why You Should Spray Water on the AC Condenser

Your a home seller and you find your electricity bill going up again and you realize that it’s the time for AC unit repair. Selling a house is much easier when appliances and features are up to date, but a cool house is key. Could you have an opportunity to avoid this mess up? One sure technique for avoiding inefficiency is to maintain the outdoor condenser unit in great condition and something that could help is spraying water on your AC condenser. When it works appropriately, you won’t waste energy. Here is the ideal advice on how to achieve this.


Why You Should Spray Water on the AC Condenser and How Often?

The time to consider warming repair is before the cool weather comes in. It’s likely to ignore the framework that offers you cozy warmth in the winter months throughout, yet regular maintenance implies that HVAC frameworks can be kept in top condition, sparing the cost of early replacement. Worlock Air Conditioning believes a little time venture can pay off in terms of longevity of gear.

Clearance Is Key

Spraying Water on Your AC Condenser

Fend off vegetation from the condenser unit as a

trash can undoubtedly get inside the dish and lessen the rate of fumes air discharge. You should endeavor to have a clearance of no less than two feet around the unit. To make the region all the more aesthetically appealing, you can put stones around it. Four feet is the minimum clearance above the unit.

Cleaning the Pan

This ought to be the initial step amid each maintenance session. Simply make sure to disconnect the outside HVAC unit from the power matrix in any case. It is best to wear gloves for expelling any trash inside the unit by hand. You may utilize a mini vacuum cleaner with a little spout for expelling fine garbage from the bottom of the pan. Simply be mindful so as not to point the vacuum straightforwardly at the wiring or other thin and not especially strong parts.

Spraying Water on AC Condenser:

Cleaning the Coils

Regularly, the coils will require cleaning with water only. You should utilize a garden hose and spray cool water at medium pressure beginning from the top and going down. You should never utilize a pressure washer as it can damage the coil fins, which are very thin.

If the dirt is stubborn, you ought to apply specially formulated commercial cleaner to the coil. It is exceptionally caustic and will generate possibly dangerous vapor when connected. That is the reason you should wear a safety cover, goggles and gloves when utilizing the item and take after the guidelines on the packaging strictly. Generally, the procedure is exceptionally basic. You have to apply the cleaner and wait for it to foam, which normally takes around five to ten minutes. At that point, you have to rinse the coils utilizing fresh water.

Rectifying Bent Coil Fins

Spray Water on Your AC CondenserBending will lessen the amount of fumes air discharged by the outdoor HVAC unit so this problem needs to be addressed in time. The most generally utilized repair system is called brushing. It includes the utilization of specially designed plastic brush. You have to run it from the bottom up to straighten the coil fins. This requires exertion, care, and exactness, however, the diligent work will pay off.

Holding the Results for Longer

Unfortunately, property holders are frequently in charge of the damage of the condenser unit and all the more particularly of its coils. They frequently suffer blows from flying rocks and flotsam and jetsam discharged by the yard cutter chute or other power devices for trimming vegetation. When you utilize such devices, you should take care to direct the release of garbage far from the unit.

At long last, if you feel that condenser unit maintenance more than once per year is a difficult activity which you don’t have time for, you should consider HVAC specialist do it for you. Spraying water on your AC condenser is a quick process to help keep the unwanted materials on the unit and allowing your unit to breathe allowing cooling air. Simply don’t disregard this significant system component.

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