The choice of door lockset types is a personal decision. It is more about the kind of aesthetics you want for your door. Out there, you will have a lot of models to make your choice from. What are you going to choose? 

Lockset Types

This post will help you navigate through all the types of door locksets and locking mechanisms and make a choice. You will also know when each type is the best decision. All in all, you will be making an informed decision in regards to your door lock after reading this. 

Rim Lockset                

Rim locksets are the type you go for when there is no way to modify your door or change your lock. It is fitted from the inside of the door, and there is no way to see it from the outside. For some scenarios, a key will be used, but many prefer the thumb option — especially if they’re locked out of their homes and don’t have a key

Mortise Lockset

It is not common to find mortise locksets in residential settings. They are the preserve of commercial and institutional use. However, there is no harm in using these locks at home if you like them. A mortise cut is made close to the edge of the door. The lock is fitted through, and handles are placed both from the inside and outside. You can access the lock’s handle both when you are inside or outside. These locksets are more used with keys. 

Cylinder Lockset

This type of lockset is mostly for residential purposes. However, it also finds use in institutions and other official spaces. One big hole is drilled from the front face of the door. Another small hole is drilled at the edge of the door but not far from the first hole. The big cylinder goes into the bigger hole, while the smaller one is fitted into the smaller hole. The lock is now ready to serve. It is a strong lockset type that will keep burglars out of the way. 

Unit Lockset

These are the least common lockset types. A lot of people do not prefer them. However, it is a good set that is easy to install and use. A rectangular hole is created on the face of the door. It has to be in the exact measurements of the lock size. The lock is then fitted into the rectangular hole and tightened with screws. You have your lock ready.

How to Choose the Right Lockset

There is no right or wrong lockset. All you have to do is make a choice based on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a lock to your office or a commercial premise, mortise lock is the preferable choice. However, you should not be forced to make a specific choice just because that is what everyone else is choosing. You should also know of some locksmith tips and tricks just in case you end up misplacing your keys or locking yourself out. 

In most cases, your kind of door will dictate the type of lock you should use. For instance, some doors cannot be modified; thus they will only use a particular kind of lock. In this case, a mortise lockset is the most applicable choice.

Bottom Line

There are multiple lockset types that you can make your choice from. Go for whatever adds functionality to your door.