I Want to Sell My House Where Do I Start

Thinking, I want to sell my house where do I start? Before selling a house, there are several steps you can take to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible and that you maximize profits. Do not be quick to hire a real estate agent or make hasty repairs. 

I Want to Sell My House Where Do I Start

Your reason for selling affects the sale of your home. If there is no urgency, compare the benefits of selling your home in the current market rates or selling it at a later date. Holding interviews with real estate agents, preparing your home for sale, are other steps you can take before selling a home.

Hiring a real estate agent

If you want to sell your home quickly, it is a good idea to hire an agent. When looking for a real estate agent, go for someone who has a history of dealing with homes around your neighborhood. You can interview as many as you want, asking them to each present a marketing plan for your home. Request for a comparative market analysis; this will give you an estimated value of the homes in your area. Avoid picking an agent just because they have a great bidding price. The house will take longer to sell or may not sell at all because the asking price is a few thousand dollars more than the current market rate.

Preparing your home for saleI Want to Sell My House Where Do I Start

Getting your house ready for sale will help you maximize your profit. Clean your house thoroughly and create closet space by removing everything that is no longer in use. Do not forget to make your rooms look spacious by decluttering. If you have things that are worn out, you can take them out to make the rooms easier on the eyes. Renovating the kitchen and bathrooms tend to improve sales.  Small repairs around the house like fixing creaking doors, broken handles and leaking sinks are very necessary. A fresh coat of neutral paint in the living room will make it look brighter and spacious. Hiring a professional to take pictures of your home when it is finally staged and ready will help attract potential buyers. Having the house always clean, leaving a few lights on, leaving the toilet flashed and the seat down and beds made are just simple examples of how you can always have your house ready. 

Coming up with an asking price

A comparative market analysis will give you an idea of the market value of the homes around you. A professionally done appraisal will give you a clearer value of your house. Most real estate agents give two net profit sheets to the sellers. These sheets present both the high and low price, preparing you (the seller) for the best and worst possible outcomes. 

Now you have the answer to “I want to sell my house where do I start?” Do not be tempted to buy a new house before selling your previous one. This is because there are unforeseeable issues that may arise and prevent the sale, possibly leaving you in a financial black hole. If, after selling your house, the proceeds are not enough to buy a new one, consider finding a lender. Ask your real estate agent to refer a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers are more flexible when it comes to discount rates compared to other financiers. After you have completed this, make sure you follow things to do after you sell your home