How to Clean Wooden Window Blinds

Wooden blinds are popular for their aesthetics and convenience of use. Like most things, they need to be cared for to look and work their best. Cleaning wooden blinds can be hectic, especially if you’re not familiar with the tips and tricks required to clean them. It’s important to learn a few tips on how to clean wooden window blinds.

How to Clean Wooden Window Blinds

There are different materials for blinds but if you have wooden blinds then this is the article for you. Wooden blinds need to be cleaned with care. In this article, we’ll How to Clean Wooden Window Blindsdiscuss how to clean wooden window blinds with care so they’re not damaged.

First things first, you shouldn’t clean wooden blinds with detergents as excess chemicals and moisture can warp wood. Moreover, the slats may become discolored.

Cleaning Wooden Venetian Blinds

  • Check the blinds for any stains or spots.
  • Use a paper towel to rub away some of the spots. If the stains are difficult to remove, consider using a wooden cleaner before moving on to clean the blinds. Dab the wooden cleaner on a soft cloth and use it to wipe off the stains.
  • Now it’s time to light clean the blinds. Close them to make them flat and then dust them properly with a wool duster, microfiber or light feather. You want to brush downward instead of upward while dusting to prevent the slats from becoming unhooked.
  • A vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment will also clean the blinds without causing any damage.
  • For better cleaning, use a paper towel or soft dry cloth to wipe each slat. You can also clean the blinds by wearing a pair of old socks or cotton gloves and running your fingers through each slat. You can also rub a sheet with fabric softener between your hands while wearing the gloves then rub your hands along each slat. Doing so will not only help to remove dirt but also reduce the blind’s ability to attract dirt by reducing the buildup of static electricity.
  • Alternatively, dip a soft paintbrush in liquid fabric softener and use it to wipe across the slats.
  • Once you’ve cleaned along one side of the slat, twist the adjusting rod/rotating drum to tilt the slat or turn it to clean the other side as well. Clean both sides of the slats this way.How to Clean Wooden Window Blinds
  • If the blinds are too dirty, spray a little soap on them before wiping them down to make them look clean and shiny. You can also make the blinds appear brighter by dabbing dilute wood cleaner on each slat.
  • Another useful tip is to use a mixture of a bowl of warm water and a quarter cup of olive oil. Adding some drops of lemon essential oil in 1/2 cup of lukewarm water will also create a homemade furniture polish for wood.

Bottom Line

Whether you are cleaning aluminum blinds or wooden blinds, it is important not to wait for a lot of dust and dirt build up. Now that you know how to clean wooden window blinds, all you need to do is be consistent. Professionals from Rapid Blinds say since wooden blinds will collect dirt easily, you will need to clean them more often than their plastic or metal counterparts. Consider dusting them at least once a week to reduce the dust build-up.