Buffing Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors have been in the business for a long time now. It is one of the most reliable and versatile go-to flooring options for the warehouses, retail stores, restaurants and manufacturing facilities. This flooring is known for its durability, easy maintenance and easy to install features. Though the maintenance plan of epoxy flooring is not as complex as other flooring options, you still have to take steps to maintain this flooring. You can take proper care of the floor in order to get the best result and keep your investment intact. This maintenance includes buffing epoxy floors. 

Buffing Epoxy Floors

If you are wondering how to take care of epoxy flooring and how to do the buffing, then you are at the right place. We will discuss about the entire process of buffing the epoxy coating which is essential for mainly reasons.

buffing epoxy floors

What is Buffing?

Buffing the epoxy flooring is a simple process which you have to do once in a while to keep your epoxy flooring perfectly smooth and new. Buffing the epoxy floor can polish the surface giving a smooth and clean look. It enhances the light reflectivity of the floor by 100%. It ensures that your epoxy floor is not peeling and getting a scratch. It can also reduce the accumulation of waste and hardens the concrete by 40% to 50%. This is one of the routine tasks that you perform to ensure that your epoxy flooring is properly maintained and it is having a new and glossy effect all the time. Without this, the epoxy coating will have scratches and it will tend to fade away with time. But you need to make sure that you are buffing in the right way.

How to Buff the Epoxy Flooring?

First you have to clean the entire surface thoroughly. Then using a circular motion with a sponge or a mop, you have to wipe away all the grease, grimes and dirt from the floor. You can also use water for rinsing the surface leaving no soap residues behind. You have to wait for the surface to completely dry. Once the whole surface is dry, you need to take a polish of your choice and rub it by using a circular motion. This must coat the entire surface. You have to rub until the scratches on the floor start to blend into the epoxy. Once it happens, you will have to wash the surface with soap and water again. After you finish this, it is completely done. 

In Conclusion

So, this is all about buffing epoxy floors. You can use different products to buff the floor but make sure they are compatible with the epoxy flooring. There is no doubt that epoxy flooring has a great resistance and durability. If you are looking forward to keep this versatility and durability intact, then you need to take some care for the epoxy flooring through buffing and cleaning. The buffing is one of the most important processes to maintain the floor and keep it perfectly shiny, glossy and well-maintained all the time. You have to make sure that you are following the above mentioned methods to do it in the right way for this type of flooring.