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Facts & Figures - Arkansas

Property taxes for the state of Arkansas.

Property taxes in The Natural State are collected by counties, municipalities, and school districts and are assessed at 20% of the true market value for real property (e.g. house or land) and on the typical selling price for personal property (e.g. cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, boats, etc.). A percentage of these values (i.e. the assessed value) is taxed according to millage rates that vary by county. On the following page, you’ll find a page that lists the millage rates for different years, going all the way back to 1995.  Read more at Arkansas's government site.

You may have noticed that your tax money is generally distributed like this:

  • 76% to schools
  • 16% to the county
  • 8% to the city
  • 1% or less to community colleges (but not always)

Your personal property must be assessed each year before May 31. To find your local assessor, follow this link. Here, you can also read a brief “bio” of each county and find other important contacts such as the County Judge and Circuit Clerk.

According to state law, the taxable assessed value on your homestead can’t increase more than 5% than the value of the previous year, except when new additions or significant improvements are made. However, be forewarned: the taxable value of your home will increase by 5% each year until it equals 20% of the market value.

Many households can get a tax refund on their property if the owner claims the property as his primary place of residence. Also eligible for this credit are nursing home and retirement center residents who own a home, as well as people who specify in their deed that others may live in their home as long as they are alive.



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