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Facts & Figures - Arizona

Property taxes for the state of Arizona.

The Grand Canyon State does not administer a statewide tax but instead a county tax which is levied by county assessors. Also, unlike several other states, Arizona recognizes property tax for owner-occupied residential property, which is taxed at the assessed value within each county.

Owner-occupied residential properties are assigned value through one of two ways: replacement costs minus depreciation, or sales analysis. An assessor will use whichever method he feels will yield the most accurate information for the area in which your property is located. Property is assessed at 10% its full market value and then calculated according to a millage rate specific to each county.

In Arizona, two properties are taxed:

  • Real property such as land and all improvements/renovations that are permanently attached to the land;
  • Personal property that has no permanent attachment to the land such as business equipment, inventory, boats, computers, furniture, etc.

Mobile homes are classified as either real or personal property, depending on certain stipulations. For example, a mobile home is considered real property if it is attached to a real property and is owned by the same person. However, a mobile home is regarded as personal property is it is situated in a mobile home park or on leased land.

In either case, though, its value is approximated by starting with the original manufacturer price, then adding any kind of value such as air conditioning or extra rooms, and deducting a depreciation factor based on age.

(Arizona does not charge personal property tax on automobiles, but rather an annual vehicle license tax [VLT], which is based on an assessed value of 60% of the MSRP, minus 16.25% each year after registration in Arizona.)


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