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Compare:  Multi-Family Investment vs. Single-Family Investment

Should you buy an investment property located in a community or a single family home that's not part of a community?

Below is a list of some potential advantages of investing in a community versus a property that's not in an investors based community of property owners - there are communities that are focused on selling condos or townhouses to investors: 

Communities Single-Family Homes
Properties located in great, well-researched investment markets Properties located in markets that may or may not be good
investment markets
Properties located in excellent school districts Properties may or may not be located in good school districts
Properties located in high visibility area for good rental Properties generally located in low-visibility residential areas
Properties well-marketed and advertised online and in local media with full page, 4-color ads and good signage Properties usually rely on individual ads and haphazard signage
Properties built with amenities to attract renters, like pools, fitness rooms, business centers, etc. Properties may or may not have amenities to attract renters
Properties built for low maintenance Properties built for homeownership, not low maintenance
One loan for multiple rental units One loan for each single-family home rental
Institutional-quality, professional property management included
Must find, interview, hire and manage local property
management company
One property management company for all properties Different property management companies for each property if
located in different markets
Consistent and uniform on-site and preventative maintenance
Offsite property management means haphazard maintenance
Uniform maintenance preserves the property value and enhances the rental income

Property value and rents can easily be negatively impacted by the quality of neighbors’ maintenance
Renters thoroughly pre-screened Renters may or may not be pre-screened
Cash flow even if all units are not rented No cash flow when vacant
Generate higher cash flow than single-family home because of
multiple units Ex: Four 1000 square foot units on average could bring in rents of $3600 a month vs. rents of $3,000 a month for a 4,000 square foot single-family home
Generate lower cash flow than multifamily units do. Ex: One
4,000-square-foot home on average could bring in rents of
$3,000 a month vs. $3600 a month that could be generated by four 1,000-square-foot units
High quality property insurance with premium coverage at reduced rates Property insurance only available to individual investors

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