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Toby Maguire Sells Home

SpidermanEvery now and then we like to post a home sale by a celebrity, this time it's for Spider Man, meaning Toby Maguire, the actor who plays Spider Man. 

And Maguire made quite a sum on the sale of his first home, in just four years time he made four times the money he paid for the property. Yes, he made almost 400% on the sale of the property.

But not sure how much he paid to have the house re-designed by Waldo Fernandez, that may have made the home a much more attractive buy to say the least. 

Where is Spider Man moving to now?  Tough life, having a gym and spa in your home, not to mention a chef's and maid's quarters is all part of his new home:

'Spider-Man 3" is a box-office smash, and now Tobey Maguire, who played Spidey in all three films, is cashing in on selling his Hollywood Hills home.

Maguire sold the house for $11.5 million — a tidy sum considering that he bought the house as a first-time buyer in 2002 for $3.7 million.

The actor, who is celebrating his first Father's Day today as a dad, had shared the home with his fiancée, Jennifer, daughter of Universal Studios President Ron Meyer, and their baby, Ruby Sweetheart, born in the fall.

The one-story, 5,000-square-foot residence was built in the early '60s and rebuilt in 1990. Cuban-born Waldo Fernandez, who gave the Beverly Hilton Hotel a face-lift after Merv Griffin bought it in 1987, also redid Maguire's house after the actor bought it in 2002. Maguire will turn 32 on June 27.

The Mediterranean-style home has three bedrooms, a gym and city views. It also has a spa, infinity pool, courtyard entry, chef's kitchen and maid's quarters.

Read more at the LA Times...


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